Durian Valley offers an easy-entry, transparent and

ready opportunity for all in modern Musang King Plantation.

Join Us
You own a tree
We Manage &
Nurture Your Tree
We Harvest & Sell
Your Fruits
You Receive Returns
( Cash or Fruit)
Easy Entry
At only a one-time fixed price entry, anyone can own a Musang King tree at Durian Valley. Investment is one-off, with no hidden charges.
It’s your tree, you know that, and we know that.
As an owner, DV enables you to be involved in all aspects of your tree’s development with the Durian Valley Portal (DVPP). Doesn’t matter where you are in the world, you’ll be able to see pictures of your trees through remote CCTV images. You’re also allowed to visit your tree at the plantation and will be entitled to one night at the homestay for each purchased. You will also receive timely reports and updates on the progress of your tree.
We use an advanced irrigation system that ensures that every tree receives the right amount of water.

DV also has a Meteorological Station which collects data on the rain, weather, humidity and daily sunlight. The data are sent to the National Chung Hsing University for analysis.

M7 Plantation will be in charge of managing your tree. However, if above all else fails and your tree dies within 12 months from the signed S&P agreement, you will receive a free tree replacement. Should your tree die from the 2nd to 5th year, before harvest, you will receive a full refund.
Ready Opportunity
We don’t waste any time, so we’ve already started planting.
Our plantation is up and running, come and see for yourself.
25 Years
The DV project extends for 25 years, during which purchasers are entitled to 50% of the harvest, either in fruit or cash. Purchased units benefit next generations as well and are transferrable.