About Us

Musang King, undoubtedly, the most sought after variety of Malaysian durians, has established a niche market in the agro-commodity sector. Its exotic flavour, intense fragrance, superior texture and nutritious qualities are factors driving the strong demand from consumers in Asian countries. This market is expected to expand and grow further, as more and more consumers, especially those from China, clamour to savour this strong and flavourful variety of durian.


M7 Valley Berhad & M7 Plantation Berhad is a Malaysian established company focusing on agriculture, specifically durian of the Musang King variety and other tropical fruits. The company has chosen the cultivation of the Musang King variety of durian, on large scale farms, as our primary business focus.  The company sees huge business potential in durian farming and is developing projects with the name called Durian Valley in the state of Kelantan, Malaysia.


The state of Kelantan is widely accepted as the birthplace of Musang King. Today, this location continues to be the most conducive area for the cultivation of this variety of durians, in terms of soil composition, topography and climatic conditions. The Company started developing durian projects in various location in the state of Kelantan in 2017. The company’s business strategy is to develop Durian Valley into a model for modern farming, employing sustainable, technology-driven systems to grow the trees, cost-efficiently. More importantly, these modern systems are designed to create a nurturing and conducive environment for the trees to produce fruits consistently and at consistently high quality.  



Land Preparation
and Development


Nursery, Planting, Soil Nutrient
and Fertilizer Management


Plant Pest, Disease
and Weeds Control


Plant Growth and
Health Check


Record Management
and Data Analysis


Harvest, Sales
and Distribution


To become a leading modern agricultural company.

To provide an opportunity for all to leverage on the potential of the durian market.

To transform traditional agriculture into modern business.

To be the best company to work for, treating all employees as part of the family.

What We Own

Modern Technology

The company believes that the adoption of modern agricultural technology will result in greater farm-level efficiency, therefore delivering consistent quality produce to meet high global demand.

Sustainable Farming

Committed to mobilising and utilising environment-friendly resources, the company aims to contribute to the development of a sustainable agro-commodity sector in Malaysia.

Agro-Tech Partners

National Chung Hsing University (Taiwan)

In 1984, The Agricultural Biotechnology Laboratories (ABL), the first research centre for genetic engineering studies among all the universities in Taiwan, was founded in NCHU. 

NCHU is owner to the only microbial fermentation pilot plant to explore industrial uses of microbial biotechniques for plant disease control. 

Over the years, the University has established a teaching resource centre for agriculture biotechnology and owns the best automatic equipment and technology to support biotechnological research and industry. With its expertise, NCHU tracks and analyses weather patterns and monitor tree growth in Durian Valley.

Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM)

UPM is a prominent Malaysian Research University defined by its successive research transformations that have helped shape its academic and technical excellence. Propelled by the success of its research and innovation ventures that span all areas of human endeavours, UPM always strives to evolve in response to the inevitable emergence of new areas in science, agriculture, medicine, engineering, education and the humanities. 

Due to UPM’s expertise in agriculture, the university conducts R&D and advises on soil, nutrients, fertilizers, planting techniques and materials to achieve optimum cultivation for Durian Valley.