M7 Plantation Berhad is a Malaysian investment management company focusing on agriculture, specifically durians of the Musang King variety. Musang King, undoubtedly the most sought after variety of Malaysian durian, has established a niche market in the agro-commodity sector. Its exotic flavour, unique fragrance, superior texture and nutritious qualities are a few of the factors driving strong demand from consumers in Asia Pacific. Seeing great potential in durian farming, M7 conceptualised a unique “Durian Valley” project in Gua Musang, Kelantan. It is now being developed in stages.


Focusing in planting, managing
and selling Musang King


Systematic mix
development plantation



one-stop solution


Durian farm service
contract with UPM


Timely report from
Taiwanese university


Unique remote
monitoring system

Durian Valley offers an easy-entry, transparent and ready opportunity
for all in modern Musang King Plantation.


To become a leading modern agricultural company.

To provide an opportunity for all to leverage on the potential of the durian market.

To transform traditional agriculture into modern business.

To be the best company to work for, treating all employees as part of the family.

What We Own

Modern Technology

The Company believes that the adoption of modern agricultural technology will result in greater farm-level efficiency, therefore delivering consistent quality produce to meet high global demand.

Sustainable Farming

Committed to mobilising and utilising environment-friendly resources, the Company aims to contribute to the development of a sustainable agro-commodity sector in Malaysia.

Agro-Tech Partners

National Chung Hsing University (Taiwan)

In 1984, The Agricultural Biotechnology Laboratories (ABL), the first research centre for genetic engineering studies among all the universities in Taiwan, was founded in NCHU. NCHU is owner to the only microbial fermentation pilot plant to explore industrial uses of microbial bio techniques for plant disease control. Over the years, the University has established a teaching resource centre for agriculture biotechnology and owns the best automatic equipment and technology to support biotechnological research and industry. With its expertise, NCHU tracks and analyses weather patterns and  monitors tree growth in Durian Valley.

Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM)

UPM is a prominent Malaysian Research University defined by its successive research transformations that have helped shape its academic and technical excellence. Propelled by the success of its research and innovation ventures that span all areas of human endeavours, UPM always strives to evolve in response to the inevitable emergence of new areas in science, agriculture, medicine, engineering, education and the humanities. Due to UPM’s expertise in agriculture, the university conducts R&D and advises on soil, nutrients, fertilizers, planting techniques and materials to achieve optimum cultivation for Durian Valley.